To Beer Or Not To Beer ; The Beer Cafe, Mahim

Must TRY

Gateway Freshly Brewed – Stout & Indian Pale Ale.

Must Try – Koliwada Chicken here

Koliwada Chicken at Beer Cafe Mahim

Koliwada Chicken at Beer Cafe Mahim

I was recently invited to eat and drink at the Beer Café Mahim. These review experiences are always nice. The staff treats you well; they recommend their best dishes, therefore universally acceptable and enjoyable dishes. The men behind the bar counters, as well as the men behind the stove are well prepared and extra careful with your food and general experience.

I think it is rarely that one can go wrong with serving beer. When you do boast a menu that carries a 32 varieties of Beer including some freshly brewed lagers by Gateway, Beers from Japan, China, Germany even Spain, there’s noting left for a beer lover like me to question.

For the food, they first threw a big name – a menu curated by Chef Saby. Oh! I said, everyone knows Chef Saby, it must a good menu then. And it really was, give me some batter fried chicken Koliwada – desi style, serve some decent pizza to go with beer and I’m happy. Frankly, who isn’t?

After all, what does one expect from a place that serves beer and fried tit-bits? Good music [check], lots of space to fit as many friends as possible on weekends [In Mumbai? Are you kidding?], and cooked food [check]. But all this was of course a week after the place opened, on a quiet Monday evening. I really recommended this place to a lot of my beer lover friends, boasting about the variety of beers the menu carries. Some of them even visited the place thereafter.

Recently, an old college mate reviewed the Beer Café Mahim, the hangout being fairly close to my old college, IHM Mumbai. I would say we Hospitality snobs are usually picky about what we put into our mouth [no punn intended]. This college-mate of mine found a piece of chicken that was pink near the bone, half the beers on the menu weren’t available, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience for him in general, quite contrary to my own experience during the review I did couple of months ago.

Would I visit Beer Café Mahim again? Most certainly, everyone has their off days, my experience here was good and I would like to know how well they are maintaining their quality of food, service and stock of beer. You’re probably doubtful, even confused by my mixed opinion. Good then. Make your own opinion about the place. Grab a beer, enjoy a slice of pizza after a long day at work, it’s the perfect place for that, even if you decide against it, you’re still going to enjoy that beer!

The truth is, it is easy for me to tell you that you must, must visit this place I went to, like I told all my Beer lover friends. They have 32 types of beer, some yummy fried snacks and a decent pizza for a Friday night. But, if they haven’t maintained that stock of beer, their quality of food and service then you’re probably going to curse me in your head and not take my word for it the next time.

It is never just about good or bad. It is about consistency. It is about maintaining that quality of experience over several visits. Roughly the same set of people would be visiting the same place over and over, specially with a place like this where you tend to build a comfort zone. It is how well, Beer Café maintains that level of customer satisfaction, whatever it takes.

With the location of this place being right in the heart of the city, and so close to the colleges in the area, I know that it will work [hush, hushh below 21s] and why not, it is a very easy-to-choose place with the brand name, beer and all. I just hope that when you and I visit Beer Café Mahim, we are served well-cooked food and as many types of beer as they have promised to us on the menu.