100% Vegetarian Stairway to Heaven


I’m not much of a sweet tooth. When it comes to a heavenly breakfast, I would rather choose a plate full of sausages, hash browns and eggs. Honestly speaking, I couldn’t care less about waffles, let alone vegetarian waffles.

Yet, something changed on a damp and grey Sunday morning in June. A touch of strawberry warmth coloured the sky bright pink, and I began to see how sometimes food can turn my day, and my life around!

Nothing was going as per plan, it had been pouring the past few days, the entire weekend was dull and drab, we spent time at home because my sisters wouldn’t step out in fifty feet of muck. I was just plain bored with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Finally, I decided to get out go for a drive, or a boat ride, whatever you like to call it. My sisters sulked even at the idea of stepping out of the house, “come on, I’m bored”, I said. After a lot of pulling, pushing sulking, I managed to get them out of bed and into fresh albeit blah clothes.

It was amazing! Driving along the rocky seaside on Carter road, it was still raining heavily and our stomachs were growling because it was 3 in afternoon by the time we got there. We went into a little shop called Wafflist to satiate our hunger.

The moment I saw the big, fat sign saying 100% vegetarian waffles, I started to turn back. “No waffle without egg can taste decent”, I claimed, when Chef Vinod standing behind the counter, said “Ma’m we use 17 different ingredients to make the perfect waffle without egg, you must try it”. The man was nice and we were hungry, so we decided to try a crispy waffle. When we couldn’t decide which one we wanted, Vinod offered us a waffle that had 6 different toppings.

The Cookie Rookie with Oreos

The XOXO with Strawberry and Chocolate

ZOZO with Rasberry and Chocolate

Banana and nutella

Whipped cream with a cherry,

And, my favourite – Chocoloaded that was literally loaded with different types of Chocolate.

I believe that sometimes there can be moments that change your entire perception about something; in my case it was this moment that changed my perception about soft Eggless waffles. I stopped frowning about what a mockery they make, when people try to toy around with traditional recipes, and was able to appreciate the waffle that they have perfected in doing so.

It wasn’t so much a fan of the crispy waffle though, I did like two of the toppings a lot. When I tried this XOXO – Strawberry and Chocolate topping and that oh-so-sinful Chocoloaded topping on the soft waffle then all this noise in my head just stopped, and I simply smiled ear to ear and enjoyed the moment as I dug into my waffle.

Surprisingly, it was pretty reasonable for the quality; I mean you can enjoy a big waffle and a nice hot drink for around 200 bucks as on date, which is great if you’re enjoying it on date with friends by the sea! I also loved their Before 8pm drink which has coffee, chocolate and mint, bitter-sweet and really flavourful.

I can tell you this, next time I’m around Carter road I’m definitely stopping by for one of these bad boys, and you should too! It is sure to brighten up your day and cheer you up when you’re down.


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