How to Become a World Class Chef in 10 minutes? 42 Spices Unleashes Kitchen Sorcery

Couple of weeks ago I ate the best Thai curry that I have ever eaten. This is in spite of the urban jewels like Thai Pavillion in Mumbai city that have flaunted their curries for over a decade, or even every “multi-cuisine” restaurant and chinese corners that serves Thai Curry around town. I’d dare to say that this was the best Thai Curry ever! For me, it was a combination of fresh, authentic flavours and a sprinkle of love. What made this Thai Curry so special was that my man had cooked it for me after a hard day at work. Before you go, “Awwwww..!”, let me stop you right their and tell you all about his Thai Curry Sorcery.

Recently, a friend of mine, from my old Masterchef India team, Abhishek, started a small venture of his own – 42 Spices. I am not sure why he calls it 42 and not 41 or 43, but let me tell you how it works. 42 Spices is a cooking kit, which helps you create authentic and exotic recipes from scratch. It literally translates into – now anyone can cook anything!

All the hard work is already done for you. The kit consists of cleaned, measured and chopped ingredients to help you create your favourite Indian or International dish. They provide you with a printed copy of the recipe and they even send you a short video link on “How To Make” the dish. So whether you are Indian, Chinese or Italian by nationality, you can now cook Indian, Chinese or Italian just as easily with these authentic ingredients.

What I loved about this concept was that it is almost as convenient as making maggi after work. Okay, may be it takes a little longer than 2 minutes, but its totally worth it. It is exotic, special and doubly quick because most of the work is already done for you.

  • You don’t need to hunt for authentic ingredients; go to expensive gourmet stores, the city market or request your vegetable vendor a day before to source the ingredient. No need to pray you get all the authentic ingredients that you need to cook your favorite dish.
  • No need to buy full bottles of authentic condiments that you may not use for the next six months, or wonder what to do with exotic veggies you bought in quantities.
  • You don’t need to do any of the grunt work like googling and shortlisting the perfect recipe, measuring the right quantities or the chopping and peeling.
  • You don’t need to worry that after all that hard work you may ruin the dish. The step-by-step procedure is explained to you, and the recipe is tried and tested.
  • It is super quick and anyone can cook it. If you are a non – cook, trying out a new cuisine for the first time, or simply don’t have the time to cook after work, this is a fresh, healthy and yummy alternative to ordering in every other day.

Honestly, forget about everything else I just said, for a minute; forget about the ease, freshness and all those things. What is the one that makes you drool just thinking about a dish? The crunch, the moistness, the velvety sauce flavoured with aromatic herbs, the Taste. It is the taste that matters in the end. In my experience the taste over anything else is what will make you go back for more of this Thai curry. If 42 spices continues to impress us with the taste an quality of their other dishes as well I don’t see why this can’t be the perfect weekend meal with friends and family. No one needs to sweat it in the kitchen and you get to eat world cuisine and delicacies for affordable prices in the comfort of your home.


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