Flipping the Pages of Life

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As I pulled out the last of the dusty brown cartons tucked behind, in the far end of the loft, I noticed a circus scene curtain peeping out from it. Later that day as I sipped mom’s special mango milkshake, I realized how one by one the phases of our lives were getting packed up in boxes and slowly pushed into the far corner of the loft. It got me reminiscing about all the lovely memories that I was about to pack up this time, to discard the unnecessary and make room for a new phase.

I have grown up, from being a reckless teenager to a responsible 20-something woman. Although I miss staring at movie star posters instead of studying I am glad I have no homework to worry about anymore. Finally the high school world map, the beer map and the movie star posters came down from my bedroom wall.

We were redoing the old children’s room up to make it a room that would be more suitable for young women. We needed a more practical space to keep all of our stuff- books, make-up. In my parents’ house my sister and I share a room, so utilization of space was key. I wanted the bedroom to be a reflection of our personalities (which, by the way, are oh-so-different). So, gradually as our decade old dream home was being painted from white to a lemon yellow we began redecorating and rearranging to suit a our present needs.

Anyone who has ever had their house painted, redone or is moving to a new place would know how tiring the whole process can be. Separating the useless stuff from the useful, deciding on what is still useful, packing up your whole life into boxes. In the middle of all the housework and supervising the redecoration, it is almost impossible to step out to buy the new stuff you need for the house.

Amidst all the chaos I realized just a week before I had to join work that I didn’t have any of the stuff I needed to do up the old children’s room! In a state of panic I rang my sister for a solution. Cool as can be, she told me that she had come across some home décor and furnishing stuff while buying books on Flipkart the other day. She sent me a couple of links as we were speaking and I found that the stuff was useful and interesting.

I’ll be honest; I was a little skeptical, never having bought any home stuff and furniture online. Will there be enough choices? How will the quality be? What if the stuff gets damaged in transit? But I was in a desperate situation and since I had bought electronics and books from Flipkart before I had a level of trust in their products and services.

I checked out the new Home Décor and furnishing section on Flipkart, my sister in Baroda was helping me out. For two days straight that is all we did. Looked at new stuff, new links and then exchanged links of all the products we had liked. I wouldn’t call it addiction but we were fascinated with all the stuff that was available there, in so many colors, options and sizes. Even mom and dad got hooked to it. I admit there was some coin tossing and majority games involved in the stuff we finally picked.

We brought it down to seven bed sheet sets, 4 wall clocks, 9 different wall shelves and 2 key holders. We also picked some stuff that we didn’t need, or that didn’t match with the other furniture, but we picked it anyway, just because we liked it. For instance, there was a lovely Jaipuri ornamental mirror that my sister and I fought over, then we bought one for her Baroda house cause it wasn’t going well in our Pune bedroom.

For our room, we needed some space to keep books, diaries, our make-up, perfumes and sunglasses. It seemed like one shelf wouldn’t be enough but then we chanced upon this gorgeous red, five-piece shelf that would look great on the bright yellow wall in our room. The best part was that we could each take two shelves and share the big one. That way our stuff would be kept properly and everyone had enough space.

After selecting the right shelf we decided we would buy three out the seven bed sets we had shortlisted- one for my parents’ room, one diwan set for my sister’s house in Baroda and one for our room in Pune. I picked a rich maroon cotton bedspread, so classy looking, it added an oomph to the room. It was chic, elegant and most of all it was value for money.

Even so, the object that wowed all of us in a blink was the wall clock. There was a tasteful brown band for the rim and large roman numbers to tell time with old school looking needles. It brought an element of a-time-gone-by, and was yet ultra chic. The aesthetics of this wall clock brought the essence of the thought that had crossed my mind the other day – preserving what was precious from the old and carrying it forward into the new.

Ironically, it took us a long time to decide whose room it would go up in. Would it proudly grace the living room, master bedroom or hang where it belonged, our bedroom? I’m not proud of it but I won the wall clock game with a trick coin toss. After all everything is fair, and this was true love!

The delivery of the items took no time at all, after I had placed the order; it only took a couple of days for Flipkart to deliver all the items. The wooden shelf had 3 or 4 layers of packing on it, there was no chance of anything getting damaged in transit, and it was cushioned and protected like a baby, perhaps more than I would cushion a baby.

I was unsure about mom and dad putting it up on their own while I was at work but they were pretty excited about seeing what it looks like on the wall. It was fairly easy to put it up as all the nuts and bolts necessary were already provided with the shelf, so by the time I got home, the wall clock and the shelf was put up, the bedcover was spread, there was also a glass of chilled mango milkshake sitting on my study table.

As I sipped the milkshake and started setting my perfumes on the shelf, I thought of my childhood years that I had packed up in boxes, the class photographs with funny face competitions in school, pictures of me when I had lost my two front teeth, a poster of Leonardo in the black Tshirt and all the mango milkshakes I had had over the years. Now I am all grown up, I’ve stopped playing with dolls and I don’t kiss Leonardo goodnight anymore. It’s a beautiful new phase, and everything around me, the little things that make up this room reflect who I have grown to become- practical, strong yet elegant. And for the days when I miss my childhood, there’s always mom’s special mango milkshake!

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