Do Vote for Daddy & His Little Girl

Kriti Saxena

Food & Lifestyle Journalist, Mumbai.

I wanted to be paid to eat, travel and be merry since I was 12 years old. I trained as a Chef, worked with luxury Hotel Brands in India. I completed my Master’s in International Broadcast Journalism and have been working for television in India ever since. I have worked with all Indian Food Channels and Masterchef India to train contestants and create tasks. Currently I am working on my Food & Lifestyle Channel for YouTube as well as my website I wish to produce content that is educational, informative and most importantly fun! My mission is to show people the world through a fun lens (this is special lens called my perspective). I am Daddy’s little girl, my dad is adventurous and fun loving. We love to travel together and record our travels on video. I worked and cooked in Luxury Hotel kitchens. I film, edit and produce travel, food and lifestyle content. I write for food; restaurant reviews Work of food research and recipe development. Trained in Indian Classical Dancing. I swim,eat, laugh & be merry!

Please Vote for Daddy & His Little Girl go Globe trotting here. Just enter your name and address and Vote..!! Simple .. Click this link


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