Pune Restaurant Review: Café 1730 is Full of Great Surprises

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Name: Café 1730

Location: Above Kiva lounge, Lane no.6, Koregaon Park

Date of Visit: June 22nd, 2014 (Lunch)

Visit on invite with Pune Foodiez


Few places have surprised me in Pune, and Café 1730 is one of them. Honestly speaking when I saw the place it didn’t seem very promising. I thought that it was going to be another round of disappointing food and collective menu bashing by us, Pune Foodiez, but we were pleasantly surprised.


In fact I think this Sunday was a surprise for everyone, including the Chef at Café 1730, as he had no idea that the Pune Foodiez were coming in for a tasting. In a way this worked in our favour because the food from the kitchen was not “specially made” for a tasting. It is a reasonable place, a meal for two will cost you around Rs.1000 as on date.




The reason the ambience lowered my expectation was because it was neither looking like the shady but yummy food kind of place nor was it looking like a chic, happening café. It looked like a lounge cum dining room cum pub. The place is slightly cramped up with a fussy, low wooden ceiling and a dark coloured floor with bulky, cushioned chairs. Located on the first floor, the glass walls make it less claustrophobic giving it that “Café” feel.


The image of Café 1730 is pretty confusing. I wasn’t able to decide whom this place is for? It looked slightly like a lounge with great live music; it also offers some mesmerizing drinks as in a good pub, the view of a coffee shop and dining there were four families with little children! I would like to go here with friends, simply for the food.


Dramatic Drinks: Don’t miss the Beverages!


If you’re a beer person Café 1730 has a good selection of Imported and Indian beers to offer. Hoegarden, Peroni, Coronberg among others, in fact I tried Coronberg for the first time and I was really impressed by the flavours, it is delicious beer.


While the fruit martinis were a yummy pick too, I was fascinated to see some of their flaming cocktails and shooters.


Wall Corner should have had a more catchy name because it is a oh-so-dramatic with a tower of inverted glassed with a waterfall of flaming vodka pouring into your glass flavoured with cointraeu, cranberry and Sambuca, this pink was very enticing indeed. You have see it, to believe it. Here’s a video clip.


The Flaming Lamborghini was another dramatic cocktail, but with more sweetness and less theatre. Here’s the video.


Goa-Style Menu


Seafood specialties, classic Indian favourites mutton rogan josh and contemporary french/ continental dishes dominate the menu. The menu is complete with contemporary favourites like chicken wings, a variety of quiches and crepes. The prominence of seafood in the menu combined with continental preparations reminded me of the little cafes in Goa that serve fish rechaedo, stuffed prawns, burgers, crepes and quiches. Items like crepes stuffed with crab and mascaporne, pork in apple sauce along with the good old tandoori chicken and butter naan make selection different and drool worthy.


Heartening Food!


Potato croquettes were delicious but the paneer shaslik was dry. We didn’t happen to taste a lot of vegetarian items but other than the paneer shaslik everthing else was delicious.


You must try these dishes at Café 1730


1)   Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dip – the wings were moist and spicy accompanied by the rich, creamy dip with blue cheese that give it an extra kick, and takes chicken wings to a new level.


2)   Stuffed Prawns – These crumb-fried prawns are oh-so-yummy and served with tartare sauce, I can have a hundred of these. It is one of the menu USPs because it is hard to find these prawns anywhere else.


3)   Potato croquettes – Normally I don’t care much for a potato starts unless if french fries, but this baby had my attention. The soft, fluffy and flavourful mashed potato have a crispy golden coating and they just melt in you mouth.


4)   Pork in Apple Sauce – The pork was so delicious and tender, and so beautifully flavoured with the apple sauce, I wanted cry. It is hard even to imagine a pork dish tasting so good, and even harder to find it in Pune. If you ever crave a really good pork dish, you need to go to Café 1730.


5)   The Curries – The fish curry and rice, as well as that mutton rogan josh curry reminded me of delicious homely curry served for a Sunday lunch in a Konkani household. The spices in the curries were so well balanced it was perfect. A little kick of spice in the fish curry, and the perfect layer of flavoured meaty oil aka rogan on the mutton curry, the flavours were just lovely, and most importantly comforting. It made the Sunday smile!



What needs work at Café 1730 is the quality and texture of fish they use. The prawns and crab was perfect but the fish was tough. I observed this even in the starter as well as the curry, although the masala was yummy, the fish itself was not fresh and tender. Since the menu is dominated by seafood diners are likely to order fish and improving the quality of fish is vital. The quiche and crepes were slightly bland, kicking up the herbs a notch will really add a dimension to the flavour.


Café 1730 is a dark horse and it gave me many reasons to come back. Whenever I drool thinking about lip-smacking curries with steaming hot rice, it will be Café 1730’s heartening curries that I will fantasize about. When I want some dramatic beverages full of fire with some delicious, succulent starters, I will come back to Café 1730. And when I think of soft, succulent, moist, tender, sweet, beautifully cooked, juicy pork with a lovely apple sauce and mashed potatoes on a Sunday afternoon, I will come to Café 1730, looking for warmth in a plate.


Ambience: 2 Forks

Menu: 4 Forks

Food: 4 Forks

Service: Not Applicable

Value for Money: 4 Forks

That Thing About This Place: 4 Forks


Rating: 3.5 Forks


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