Let’s impress! It’s Time to Drink & Dance


Weddings! Dress to impress. Eat to impress. Dance to impress and even drink to impress. Well, we were throwing an engagement party for my cousin and beau, and Indian weddings are always a big competition between the bride and groom’s family. We were ready with our dance performance and perfect outfits to go with it.

Something was missing. We were happy with the food but we wanted to have an edge and be sure that we were going to win this little contest. Both families are big on cocktail parties so we went to the bar to find the perfect recipe to amaze them. When there are Punjabis involved in the party. The bar has to be well stocked with Scotch whisky, and more importantly a few crates of Black Dog whisky. Yes, some of us drink like a fish!

So, we checked the bar out and it was pretty well stocked. We also had a couple of drinks, just cause we needed an excuse. There was still something missing, yes there was enough Black Dog whisky stocked up, but at their party they had stocked up Black Dog too. We wanted a real edge.

Finally, I got an idea. I had recently tried the new label, Triple Gold Reserve, some real gold by Black Dog, it was recently launched and just released in the market then. I was sure this new label of Black Dog, which was still new in the market, my wine shop guy in fact had had it specially ordered for me to try it.

This was perfect. I called my wine guy and told him to arrange a few crates for me. It was a matter of hours before the wedding, but just about an hour before the party was going to begin, the crates arrived. There is no doubt that after this little special introduction of a delicious whisky to Black Dog lovers we managed to impress them all.

Although they were all Scotch whisky fans, and closely following new brands, expensive brands in the market, but none of them had yet tried this Triple Gold Reserve, although few of them had heard of it. Triple Gold Reserve is a delicious whisky, and we the Bride’s family rocked that party with our choice of whisky!

Disclaimer: The content in this article is meant only for readers above 25 years of age.



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