A Journey That Will Make You Find the Treasure of True Love

A warm hug when we’re feeling lonely, tears of joy when we’re happy, a dance of celebration, an anchor of values and a kiss of freshness, isn’t that everything we look for in real love. That moment when you know that this infatuation has slowly merged into the sea of admiration and love. I spoke about my man like this about three years ago, but not right now, right now I am speaking of a delicious whisky that has won me over. I’m speaking of the Triple Gold Reserve by Black Dog.

Laugh all you want, but it is true. It all started with a little infatuation for the different taste, and it had the intrigue one needs to explore more, get closer and closer. As savoured this Black Dog TGR whisky, with every passing day I enjoyed it more, and I admired the makers more. It is a strange revelation each day, which you never tire of. At first the experience was complex on its own, because much like falling in love, I would sense a new scent everyday.

Then trying it out with different foods was a fun activity too, each day I saw how different foods boost new flavours in the whisky, and each food highlights a new dimension of the whisky.

It is not just about the appearance but also the experience of drinking Black Dog TGR that made me reach its soul. You see it’s not just about any other blended Scotch whisky; this is Black Dog, a whisky that is a part of the Indian fabric. It has a taste that is familiar to generations and loved by all. When we bring out a bottle of Black Dog whisky, the stories and anecdotes simply flow, and take us to eras that we hadn’t seen. Every bottle of Black Dog tells a story of its own, and writes a story of its own.

The beauty of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is that it is made for today, and for us, our generation. It is a bottle that will represent our stories and writes our part, to tell generations ahead. It is anchored in tradition and preserves the beauty of blended Scotch processes that has carried on for 130 years, it represents culture, the British Raj, a prominent, yet forgotten era that is weaved in an Indian, as well as the uniqueness, an individuality of today that represents the modern whisky loyal.

Triple Gold Reserve by Black Dog has made us modern whisky loyals realize that age is not everything, and that modern, complex methods can be used to develop the same, and perhaps better flavour spectrums in a whisky. The Triple Gold Reserve with its triple maturation process is comparable to any good 12 Y O Blended Scotch whisky. It has a smooth and refined taste, and also the intricate folds of flavour that one requires for a luxurious whisky drinking experience. It is one whisky that many generations in my family liked, and even one that impressed my older brother’s whisky sixth sense!

I’m just glad that I have a blended Scotch whisky that I can call my own, and not from my Dad or Grandpa’s generations. A Scotch that I love to sip by myself, and even enjoy serving it at a party, or sharing a moment with my grandpa.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is meant only for readers above 25 years of age.


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