What’s a Bad Day without Some Scotch Whisky & Walnut Cake?


I had a not-so-pleasant day today. It was a very hot and hectic day, with less results and more preparation. I like to see results. Moreover the day ended pretty badly. I had a big fight with literally every single person that I spoke with. Including my colleagues, family and friends. Nobody was spared, they all managed to push my buttons. I genuinely needed a drink.

After dinner, I happily sat with my glass of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve whisky, the only saving grace of the day, a bittersweet day. I just wanted to close my eyes relax and breath; breathe peacefully. I slowly sipped on the golden amber of my Scotch whisky. Indulged my nerves in its smoothness, slowly ironing out my stress, my knotted thoughts. Sometimes, all you have is that gorgeous glass of Scotch whisky and if you’re lucky, some hope for tomorrow.

When you are drinking a good whisky in a really bad mood, you can feel the stages pass. Slowly you move from anger, to disappointment, to melancholy, and melancholy is beautiful because it stays with you, burns with you slowly. I like to listen to the music of my soul, and as my mood changes I start listening to happier and happier songs. It is a lovely journey with my mate, my whisky. A journey that is more special on days like this one.

Slowly, I stopped caring about the harsh things that people had said through out the day, I started seeing their point in some cases, and even started introspecting on the harsh things that I had said to them. It was all very unnerving at first, but then slowly everything was calm, everything was quiet. Gradually I started feeling happy, I mean really happy. No I wasn’t drunk, perhaps only slightly buzzed, but I was happy.

And when I am happy I want something sweet to celebrate that happiness. Fortunately, there was some cake in the refrigerator, some leftover honey and walnut cake. I opened the refrigerator and brought the cake out, there was still nearly half a pound leftover. I took the entire piece back with me to the balcony, where I was sitting quietly by myself and enjoy my Black Dog whisky. I cut little slivers of the cake (light dinners make me hungry), and poured myself another drink.

Then I put on Mozart, stretched out my legs and simply enjoyed myself with my glass of whisky in one hand, and honey and walnut cake in the other. It was the perfect dessert to accompany the bittersweet evening I was having. Quite honestly it went beautifully with my Triple Gold Reserve whisky, also that my mood was just right, it was in sync with the bitter walnuts, the sweetness of honey, and the richness of melancholy and my Black Dog that brought it all together.

The beauty of drinking the perfect Scotch whisky and eating cake all by yourself on a quiet night teaches you a lot. For one, it teaches that sometimes in life you have only yourself and cake to count on, and secondly, Black Dog TGR whisky and cake, are worth fighting for, so never share! Evil laughter.
Disclaimer: The content in this article is meant only for readers above 25 years of age.


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