Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve: One Whisky, Many Wives


Let’s talk about a perfect bar. What is the perfect bar? Isn’t it really about serving a variety that pleases your palate? The best part is that the perfect bar has no rules. Or shall I say, my party, my rules! It is my way of serving the best to the crème de la crème of my circle.

I was planning a cocktail gathering to celebrate my website’s first anniversary when I realized that I wanted to do something out of the box to make this party a success. Everybody has a canned tapas bar and a selection of very diluted drinks that they call “cocktails”. No offense, but I have barely been to any parties where the drinks haven’t been watered down. The theme of the party was “pure gold”. So, I decided to serve pure liquid gold.

Only Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve whisky will be served in this party. It has recently come into the market, everyone loves a good Scotch especially if its Black Dog, and what’s more they always want something new. Triple Gold Reserve had it all, it was new, and known and surely one that will make this party memorable. And how is this a perfect bar? Well, it surely will be when it is teamed with an exquisite food bar.

This was going to be a special kind of bar, which serves only one drink, the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Scotch whisky, and with it there would be a majestic food bar. You see, I have been experimenting with pairing different foods with this whisky and honestly I have more than one winner. So many bar snacks and tapas go wonderfully well with this whisky. I would also get a feedback on which snack they enjoyed the most with my TGR and they would also get to experience a multi-faceted whisky paired with so many flavours.

I called the bar, “Treasure Isle”, and it only served Gold (TGR) by Black Dog. Around the bar I added tapa sections and each section carried different courses shrunk to bite size pieces. There were dry snacks, tapioca, banana and chilli potato chips, cheesey nachos. Then there were fruits with cheese on a stick, like watermelon and feta, apple and brie, grapes & gruyere, a combination that goes so perfectly with this blended scotch whisky, each combination bringing out rich and sweetness in the whisky flavour.

There was also curry and roti amuse bouche served in one of the sections, it included duck liver pate on khasta rotis, rogan josh on mini malabari parathas, mini blue cheese naans and even makhmali paneer on a missi roti, all in the form of one tiny bite-size piece to go with the whisky. Each combination brought out a different dimension; each one was well designed by the caterers and triggered fireworks in my mouth.

There were more common options like the Scottish sausage-Haggis, mac n cheese cups, tandoori chicken mini wraps and even delicious and delicate kakori kebabs. There was a chaat bar, specially for the vegetarians who love some chatpata with their whisky. They served whisky filled pani puris with sweet boondi, there was whisky flambéd aloo tikki, masala chhole salad, angoori dahi badas and tiny dal kachoris with green chutney. It all went beautifully with the Black Dog whisky that was served, and everyone enjoyed every morsel thoroughly.

The great thing about a party with a single drink like the Triple Gold Reserve is that each morsel of food with that whisky brings out a different taste in the whisky. It is like an adventurous trip with the one you love. Those who hadn’t tried the Triple Gold Reserve became fans, and those already liked it got to explore another level of pleasure with drinking this label of Black Dog whisky. If you are planning a perfect party, then you must try this Treasure Isle serving the treasure, Triple Gold Reserve and an extravagant food bar to go with it. Triple Gold Reserve marries so well with so many different varieties of foodit is one Whisky with many wives. A situation I bet most of our men cannot handle.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is meant only for readers above 25 years of age.


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