Black Dog Scotch Whisky: Weaving Generations Into One Fabric


I have been speaking, drinking and experimenting with Black Dog Scotch whisky all these days. It has created some of the most beautiful memories in my life; moments which I will never forget. In many ways it has brought me closer to some of my family members and also made me learn things about them, which I did not know. It has helped me develop a strange connection, especially with the whisky-loyal men in my family, my grandpa, my dad and my older brother.

One thing that I can say about Black Dog Scotch whisky, is that is has a history, a culture and it weaves so many generations with it. In our favourite whisky we found common ground, little anecdotes to share, an icebreaker, something to talk about with a stranger. The beauty of those times, an ocean of stories sealed inside a bottle is that Indians have always loved it, as it was 130 years ago and until today.

The Triple Gold Reserve has brought a new dimension of flavour, and yet the soul of the Black Dog Scotch whisky is still the same, the one that my grandpa loves as well. Grandpa’s anecdotes about the days of the British Sahibs, their parties, their drinks, his own fight for a free India, his drinking sessions over discussions about politics. My father’s tales about his college days, how he would steal Grandpa’s Scotch whisky and drink with his friends, how Grandpa had caught him, how he would imitate Amitabh Bachchan drinking whisky in the 70s.

It all seemed blurry to them now, but my memories are still pretty clear. The first time ever my dad allowed me to taste his drink, the first time I drank with my friends, my evenings bonding with dad when he would share secrets from his young days, my midnight dessert and whisky sprees with grandpa. For me, Black Dog whisky is more than just a Scotch whisky.

There is a lot of emotion attached to a bottle of Black Dog. It is an emotional journey, a journey that weaves generations together, that makes you forget petty grudges, that brings strangers closer. A bottle of Scotch whisky, which bridges gaps and brings eras together in laughter and in tears. You see, I prefer and drink Black Dog whisky not only because it is simply great in taste, that it is, but also that it in a strange way it is the connecting dot between their times and my time.

This is exactly why I really enjoyed Triple Gold Reserve by Black Dog. It represents my generation completely. It is anchored in tradition and yet has its own personality and writes its own story. It is just that same great taste in a modernized avatar. The fact that its triple maturation technique gives it that distinct and rare character, where over age the intricate process and technique gives it a modern twist makes it really special to me. A reincarnation that my generation really enjoys, and that my dad and grandpa find worth stealing from my cupboard for a change!

Disclaimer: The content in this article is meant only for readers above 25 years of age.


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