Dazzling Dinner on Sunday Along With Some Black Dog Whisky


Sundays are meant for lazy afternoons and dazzling dinners. The family gets together to share some laughs, gossip and lots of food. On Sunday I really like to take it easy, skip the long, laborious process of making exotic curries. But that’s not a good enough excuse, when my cousins visit; they want to eat something delicious, glamorous. My quick-fix solution to Sunday meals is a perfect poultry roast.

I had already marinated and prepared the roast the day before. It was perfect and ready to be popped into the oven. We had lots to catch up; my cousins came in early and brought with them a bottle of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve whisky to celebrate the reunion. Celebrate the re-union sounds like we were meeting after a long time, right? Wrong. We had just got together for lunch last weekend, but we still had lots to catch up after the long week and latest gossip. We have always been pretty close, more like friends than family.

We poured the whisky in glasses; I cut up some sausages and served some salted cashews along with the whisky. I popped in the poultry roast into the oven, within minutes with could get the rich, caramel whiff of the honey glazed roast. Even the aromas coming out from the roast were making the Black Dog whisky more appetising. There was something about the aromas of that roast and the flavours of the whisky, that even just the scent of the two together was bringing a zing to the senses. I could hear my stomach growling; unfortunately so could my younger sibling who was sitting right next to me and she would never give up an opportunity to ambush me, she laughed loudly, and everyone found out.

They all got a new reason to pull my leg too; I was embarrassed and excused myself to go to the kitchen. The roast was almost ready but I was still too embarrassed to step back into the living room. So I decided to stall a little. I cut prepared some vegetables, reduced the roast gravy, and as I was sipping my Triple Gold Reserve, I got an idea. I poured some neat whisky into the roasting pan, heated it up and poured some flaming whisky onto the roast! Drama! Drama! Drama!

I brought out the roast, and before they could start with the jokes, I poured some more flaming Triple Gold Reserve Whisky on to the roast. Everyone was dazzled with dinner drama. “Wowww!” they all exclaimed. I succeeded in creating a dramatic, dazzling dinner, perfect for some bragging on a Sunday evening.

The best part was that the flavour of the Triple Gold Reserve whisky added a lovely dimension to my roast. The caramelized skin, the honey glaze and the spices in the roast tasted great with the flavours of the whisky. The charred richness added an edge to the roast. Some of the delicate aromas were lost during the flaming but were still in the whisky that we were drinking with it.

The richness of the whisky, the delicate aromas and the distinct yet light taste with multiple dimensions completed the experience of the rich, robust meaty flavours of the roast. The effect of smoothness lent by Bourbon barrels and the sweet undertones developed in the Sherry butts during maturation of the whisky contributed in enhancing the fullness of the honey glazed and caramel nuttiness of the poultry. The supple, softness of the meat came together with the rich flavours of the roast and the whisky together.

Now, this dazzling dinner is in high demand every Sunday and the Triple Gold Reserve whisky with its intricate yet elegant taste lends its hints to the roast as we sip it along, and not to forget adds a lot of drama when we flambé the roast too. This new label of Black Dog is now what we call a universal favourite when it comes to enjoying a good Sunday roast dinner with the family.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is meant only for readers above 25 years of age.


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