Art of Entertaining: Scotch Whisky for the Royalty, Then & Now


I can’t seem to separate the idea of whisky drinking from the days of Kings, royalty and the entertaining during the British Raj. After all, whisky, and more specifically Black Dog whisky comes from the time when the British rule in India was at its peak, and also the time when a Scotsman stationed in India began his quest for the finest blend of Scotch whisky.

Scotch Whisky represents a lavish lifestyle, the extravagance and luxury enjoyed by the Royalty and British Sahibs in India. The art of entertaining, flamboyant parties graced with Ball dancing, smoking pipes and discussions about politics and worldly affairs.

Even today, you will find tables graced with a bottle Black Dog whisky; delicious sips weaved between important business dinners. Some of the prominent leaders of our country are loyal to their bottle of Black Dog whisky. Not much has changed, when it comes to the beverage preferred by world leaders. It will come as a surprise to many that vital business and political decisions have been witnessed by a bottle of Black Dog.

Whether we bring back those grand evenings by swaying to Waltz, discussing world affairs and business deals, or just by melting into the melancholy of Jagjit Singh ghazals, the moments with Scotch whisky are a true spell of splendor. Triple Gold Reserve by Black Dog is a perfect way to entertain, and also a great way to show-off a little.

Nawabs and Maharajas would serve rich entres, dried fruits, heavy meat dishes loaded with ghee and nuts, and delicacies created by their team of skilled ‘Khaansamas’ (food connoisseurs). It was a simpler time, when people had the liberty to eat and digest such delicacies. As opposed to seven-course meals back then, we belong to the age of tiny portions of salad or grilled meat for dinner.

Even if you have a team of expert Chefs, they are more likely to serve up a thirty-gram can of expensive caviar than those massive, dry fruit rich, ghee-loaded entres. You and me might not have the ‘Khansamas’ but we sure like to show-off like the Nawabs and Maharajas when we entertain. I like to stick to a tapas bar graved with some honey glazed ham, marinated mushrooms, variety of cheese and mixed nuts. The show-off comes with the bottle of Scotch whisky I serve.

Triple Gold Reserve by Black Dog is perfect for a little business dinner or a grand celebration; the art of entertaining and showing-off a little gold from your kitty. Don’t get me wrong; it is a reasonably priced whisky, but then again a whisky that represents your fine taste. Few men have it in them to put together an enjoyable evening and Triple Gold Reserve is the secret to it.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is meant only for readers above 25 years of age.




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