Dinner is the Most Important Meal of the Day: My Black Dog Whisky Diary

I am really hungry right now. Like, ransack the fridge and eat everything I can hungry! This usually happens with me right before dinner. All I can think of is a golden crispy, fried chicken breast stuffed with herbs and cheese. I can literally imagine the sheen of cheese and feel the warm, gooeyness just melting out as I cut into that gorgeous piece of chicken. Some toffee-nosed foodies may even raise a brow on my appreciation of something as bare as fried chicken. Offer them a piece and just watch their eyes close, swooning into the moistness of cheese, the supple chicken tucked between the heavenly crunchiness.


You cannot detach comfort from food. It becomes even harder to detach from comfort food when you are about to have that last meal of the day. It doesn’t matter how great or not so great, the day has been, I want something on my plate that makes me smile. Emotionally, dinner is the most important meal of the day and the most relaxing meal of the day. What other time do we have through the day, to stop, breathe and enjoy our meal?


The only time we get to sit with family and share stories about our day or watch a TV show that we enjoy. The evening and all its elements must be comforting. Even if it is the comfort of dal chaaval and ghee, a pudding or steak and potatoes, it must be a meal that makes me feel satisfied, feel like I worked hard all day and this is my reward.


The perfect accompaniment for a perfect dinner is always my Black Dog whisky. At times I like to savour some Scotch before dinner, at times with my dessert but tonight I’m going to escort her to the dinner table. The fried chicken stuffed with cheese will go perfectly with my whisky. And since tomorrow is a weekday, the hearty food will soak up my Black Dog and I will have a hangover free morning.


I have two good reasons to choose Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve over anything else. The first is that I don’t keep any other bottle of whisky at home because I find the taste of Black Dog familiar and comforting, and the second reason is that whisky really goes well with rich, heavy and comforting food. Just like the good old times, when people took the time to have a big, sit down meal and enjoy their food, and the company of their loved ones.


Scottish people still enjoy a generous helping of meat, sausages and gravy with their whisky. Cheesy pastas, Scottish sausage called Haggis, Gravy and potatoes were all common watering hole specialties when I visited Edinburgh last year. Pour some gravy in a big helping of rice, and hand me my Scotch, and I am good to go.


Each sip of the Black Dog TGR with its woody, sweet background of sherry aromas was cutting through creaminess of the food bringing it all beautifully together at dinner. The honest and straight taste of this dish was fringed with the intricate work of art that was the flavours in this whisky. The unpretentious nature of fried chicken was accessorized by the panache of the Triple Gold Reserve Whisky, making it the suitable match for my satisfying dinner.


Disclaimer: The content in this article is meant only for readers above 25 years of age.


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