The Perfect Day fluffed with Luxury, Indulgence & the Gorgeous Amber of Scotch  


What would your perfect day be like? Mine would be, a day spent entirely with myself. Dressing up in a bright day dress, putting on my heels and walking on a high-fashion street and buying pretty things. Just pampering myself, eating delicious meals and listening to jazz.


Recently I had the opportunity to treat myself to the perfect day. I had travelled to Goa for work, my meeting got pushed by three days, so I decided to spend some “me time”. I had checked into a suite at a Luxury Hotel, but I didn’t want to just lie around all day. I had breakfast in bed; there was bacon, eggs and maple syrup with some orange juice and the lifestyle section of a local newspaper. I was in a great mood, and to kick it up a notch, I asked the housekeeping staff of the hotel to draw me a relaxing bubble bath.


Within minutes the bubble bath was ready. There were scented candles and flowers arranged beautifully in the bathroom, some women’s magazines, scented bath oils and relaxing bath salts, exfoliators.  Everything was almost perfect, with just one thing missing. “Shall I also bring in some champagne and strawberry?” asked the chambermaid. “No, I’d rather go for the new Black Dog whisky with some strawberries please” I replied. The chambermaid seemed a little confused at first, but then she smiled and brought back my drink and fruit. Don’t judge me for enjoying a drink in the morning; I’m on a surprise vacation treat!


With some jazz playing in the background, I was lying in my warm Jacuzzi bubbles and slowly sipping my whisky. I must have been there for a while, relaxed, I felt like I was floating, I felt like I was sleeping or dead, I was feeling so light and stress free. It was the most beautiful morning, the most beautiful morning in a long time. Finally, I came out of the enchantment, picked out a bright, flowy dress, slipped on my new shoes and Voila! I was ready to go. I had put my phone on voicemail so nobody can bother me.


I walked up to the concierge for a car, and decided to book myself my favourite, all black sedan, which took me straight to the mall, although I love the street markets in Goa, I was in no mood to sweat it that day. I wanted to keep that dress looking perfect as it was. It was a beautiful drive from the hotel, lined with beaches and studded with coconut trees dancing in the breeze. I arrived at the mall, just walked around, smiling to myself, people must’ve thought I was crazy. I tried some great dresses, bought two of them, I also got a free day-look done by experts, and even indulged myself in some delicious cupcakes, and bought my favourite scent.


I was back in the hotel for lunch. At lunch, I had a little chat with the bartender and explained how I make this delicious whisky cocktail I like to call, the Golden Glow. I use some Triple Gold Reserve whisky, maple syrup along with some apple essence and lemon zest. It went brilliantly well with my four-cheese pizza topped with arugula. After lunch I booked myself a spa appointment for 4pm and then headed straight to my suite for a power nap.


Scented therapeutic oils, cosmic sounds for music, aromatic oil lamps along with the gentle strokes by my masseuse, followed by some heavy stones placed on my back were a part of the spa treatment. I could feel the tension in the muscles just melting away.


I headed to the steam room, but obviously not without my drink, once again I had my glass of Black Dog in one hand, an acupuncture tool in the other. I’m not sure I should have done that because the whisky became warm and diluted. I should’ve thought this over.


The stars were smiling down at me, and it was time to go for a swim in starlight. The pool was empty by now; it was just me and another lady at the pool bar, I alternated between sipping my Scotch and swimming a lap in the pool, at times I simply floated on my back with my drink in one hand. What an evening that was!


The swim really worked up my appetite. Although I had been drinking all day, I was happily buzzed but not drunk or tipsy at all. It might be because the whisky is pretty smooth and I had spaced out my drinks with baths, swims and spa treatments. By this point, I might not have realized it but was feeling happy, if you know what I mean. May be I was drunk in luxury and joy or may be I was just drunk.


I had the perfect dinner too, the bartender already knew me, so he kept my Black Dog coming as I enjoyed my rare steak. A great English style dinner was served, a filet mignon, chopped parsley, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, buttery textured garlic potato mash, cognac, pepper and cream sauce, along with two extra sides of beer-batter, fried onion rings and potato wedges with a dip. I carried my last drink up to my room. No I didn’t have to be carried back to my room, I can handle more alcohol than you might think.


I just put on some jazz music, and did not realize when I drifted into sweet sleep. That day was a real treat, a dream laced and fluffed with luxury and a gorgeous steak. I did not need a companion but myself all day, the only companion I had by me, sharing my happiness along the way, was my glass of Black Dog TGR.


Disclaimer: The content in this article in meant only for readers above 25 years of age.


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