It’s Not Just About Her Age: The Dilemma of Decision Making



The dilemma of decision making, it is something that we all face almost on a daily basis, me, more than anyone else. The world has become smaller, options wider. We have such challenging choices in front of us everyday, whether to buy the iPhone5s or the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, whether to catch Chikni Chameli or Sheila ki Jawani on the radio, whether to order Indian or Chinese for lunch, we are crowded by multiple possibilities. Surrounded by the noise from ads on TV, radio and roads, hand me a menu in the middle of all this and I will snap.


Last week, when I met my friends I was in another one of such dilemmas. I couldn’t decide which phone I should buy, which Tata Sky Plan I should go for and a list of other which-ones and whys. In the middle of all that my close friend, Parul made the mistake of asking me which whisky I would prefer that evening. I looked at the menu; it was full of various brands, confusing? Not really. I thought I would just go with a brand that I have been loyal to for many years, Black Dog. But when I looked at the long list under Black Dog, there was a 12 YO Gold Reserve, an 18 YO, 21 YO Quintessence by Black Dog and the new Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve.


When the steward came to our table to take the order, I thought I had made my choice. But when I changed my order for fifth time, Parul just snatched the menu from my hand and said, “and she’ll have the new one, the Triple Gold Reserve”. I still wasn’t sure, but I’m a woman, and the words Triple, that is three times the gold, really seemed appealing to me.


I’m glad that I went with Parul’s choice because this Luxury Brand of Scotch whisky had a really fine taste. I have tasted 21 YO as well as 18 YO Scotch whiskies but the taste of Black Dog TGR was, surprisingly, also very rare and exquisite. Obviously, 21 YO and 18 YO Premium Whiskies develop some great flavours, and they have their own soft spot in my palate, but I realized that when it comes to complex flavours in a whisky there are more ways than just aging, which can be used to develop the taste.


In a whisky like the Triple Gold Reserve, the harsh and unpalatable flavours of the individual grain and malt whiskies are purged with their separate maturation in used Bourbon casks, these are then blended and sent for a third round of maturation in ‘dry’ Olosroso Sherry Butts which render the whisky smooth, with delicate aromas and complex flavours, which in fact is otherwise also achieved by aging a blended Scotch.


Such a complex process of making whisky allows fine flavours to develop, where in the age of the whisky does not matter. The triple matured whisky achieves its full potential with a different method, and while aged whisky has its own charm, the Triple Gold Reserve with its complex method of maturation meets every expectation of a whisky loyalist craving for the goodness of mature whisky.


I still enjoy my 21 YO and 18 YO whisky, but now my understanding of whisky is not limited by its age. These new complex procedures that have been introduced in whisky making, have made me realize that great tasting whisky does not necessarily have to be a 12, 18 or 21 YO whisky. My spectrum of choice has certainly become wider, but thanks to Parul, when it comes to delicious whisky, I don’t mind. I was pleasantly surprised by a spontaneous choice, and I’m counting on that spontaneity for now, fingers crossed.



Disclaimer: The content in this article is meant only for reader above 25 years of age.


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