My Grandpa’s Denture, A Gooey Pudding & Our Adventure with Whisky Together

“If there is tangible poetry, it is a glass of whisky in one hand and a bowl of a pudding in the other.”


I’d say put your hands together, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate dream. I discovered this little secret by accident one evening. I had made a cherry and chocolate pudding that evening for my grandpa. Grandpa doesn’t have any teeth. He was a sweet tooth in his young days, and kids, this is probably why you all should brush you teeth. He can’t chew easily anymore, he does have an artificial denture but it is not convenient to chew with.


So, I decided to make grandpa a gooey dessert, effortless, soft and fluffy, a cherry chocolate pudding that just melts in your mouth. You don’t even need teeth to gorge on it. It was a little present for him a week before his birthday. I had decided to surprise him and kept it right next to his bottle of whisky to surprise him. He usually has a glass of whisky after dinner because it helps him sleep. I had kept the pudding bowl right next to his Black Dog bottle so that he would notice it when he went to get his drink.


I was ready with the camera, he went to get his drink, I have no idea what happened but the open bottle toppled over the side table and spilled the whisky all over. I ran to rescue grandpa and the bottle before it fell, and I was shocked when I saw that some of the whisky and had even fallen into the pudding! “Oh no!” I said. Grandpa noticed the pudding and said he that he would love to eat it anyway. His favourite whisky plus a pudding I made, he said that it was a bonus offer. I secretly knew that he only wanted to save whatever he could of that spilled whisky. It was like losing gold for him, and he’d treasure anything that had some of his Triple Gold Reserve in it.


I know that this was a bottle my dad got him, and it was his favourite whisky so he was really regretting the loss. I offered to throw away the ruined dessert but he snatched it from my hand. You should have seen him eat it; he looked like a little child licking up a bowl of chocolate. He did not lift his head to look up even once through those 3 minutes (Yes, that’s how long he took to finish it!). I was wondering for a minute if he is only doing that to see a smile on my face. But he really enjoyed the dessert even with the whisky in it! He said he loved it, and I should make it again with some whisky.


I should have but I didn’t believe him at first. I had a sip of the Black Dog and a spoonful of dessert with it. It tasted good together. Then when grandpa insisted I try some, very skeptically, I poured a cap full of whisky into my dessert, and it tasted awesome. The chocolate, the cherry and the whisky, it all went so well together. Grandpa is a genius!


At midnight I caught grandpa enjoying some whisky and dessert again. I went up to him, he offered me some, and we spent the next two hours eating dessert and pouring whisky from my dad’s bottle of Black Dog TGR. The next day he asked me to make the dessert once again. This time, I used a little technique and macerated the cherries in Black Dog TGR. It is like marinating the cherry in whisky along with its own liquor. The dessert with chocolate, cherry and whisky flavours, was fabulous.


Now we have made it our Sunday evening ritual. We eat warm, gooey pudding (without our dentures!) and enjoy it with a glass of our Black Dog TGR whisky. The flavour of the whisky in the dessert boosts its light sherry lining; the tart from the cherry and the warmth from the dessert boost the soft aromas in the whisky. A light, delicate whisky with a rich and heavy dessert is a perfect end to the weekend. The best part is that being a smooth, premium whisky it doesn’t give you a bad hangover on Monday morning.


Disclaimer: The content in this article is meant only for readers above 25 years of age.


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