A Day with Whisky: Weekday Wars to Weekend Wonders

I really value my weekends. You see I started my career working 12 to 14 hour shifts in Luxury Hotel Chains. We would get a weekly off, but that weekly off was never on the weekend. Most people dine out on weekends, which means the kitchen staff must be in full attendance to get food on the plate.

After that I worked in the Television industry, once again it was 12 to 14 to even 16 hours of work and weekends, what’s a weekend? We were lucky if we got a day off from work, and it felt like half days work when we left office at 9pm. I think you realize now, how much I value weekends. I really enjoy my time off and I try to make the most of it.

It is not that I don’t value those exhausting, don’t-stop-to-eat kind of days, but excess work and then extreme relaxation both, have their own charm. It only matters when you take a breath of relief after a fruitful day or week of work, and relax with your favourite beverage.

It has always been whisky, and very often it is Scotch whisky for me. Call me a romantic, but when it comes my evening drink I’m traditional. Whether it was Roosevelt or my uncle in the army, or dad, it was always that bottle of their favourite Scotch when it comes to unwinding in the evening.

The entire purpose of relaxing is lost when I move out of my comfort zone, so after a long day or a week I stick to a familiar bottle of Black Dog blended Scotch whisky. The Triple Gold Reserve is a unique yet familiar find in the blended Scotch world. A sip of the whisky feels like the satisfaction of coming home. The comfort of the perfect drink that follows a tiresome day is like aloo parathas on a winter night, like nimboo paani on a hot afternoon and like chai on a monsoon evening.

On a typical weekday, we are at war from the morning. At war with our maid for coming late, then the war with our mom or wife for serving breakfast late, at war with the horrible traffic, with the brash rickshaw guy, with our Hitler boss, with gossiping colleagues, with the heat and pollution and with everything else on the way back. All this trouble, aside from, all the pending work in office, the irritating client and the difficult future client we tolerate.

It is never an easy day. But when we sit with that drink in the evening, we are able to see the wonderful things about the day, the great song on the radio, the smiling faces of our loved ones and all the little goals we achieved during the day. That’s the real taste of happiness and contentment. There’s that lovely amber of my whisky, telling me to look through the sunny brightness of relief.

On weekends, it tastes totally different. The same 60ml of my Black Dog TGR tastes of celebration. It tastes sweeter and richer, like gold, like the richness of weekend bliss. The moments with jingles of laughter, the enthusiasm of getting together with friends and the luxury of lying in bed all day with whisky that comes alive on weekends.

Sometimes in life we need a little bit of liquid sunshine to see the good things, the little moments of joy that we miss. The big smile on my mom’s face, the gigantic bear hug from my best friend and a little bit of gold in a glass. Television or Hotels, I have got my gold right here with me. Even on a stress free day, I like to sip some whisky just for its taste.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is meant only for readers above 25 years of age.


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