A Match Made in Heaven: What Food & Flavours go with Scotch Whisky?

What is a perfect marriage? A marriage where qualities of one bring out the best in the other. A perfect marriage is like that of a tune from the violin and the melody of a flute, distinct and yet their sounds fuse together into perfect harmony. A perfect marriage is also one where two people enjoy a drink together at the end of a long day. Searching for that “match made in heaven” is no child’s play.

That is exactly why I have been working everyday, trying to pick up little notes, and undertones in my whisky to get a better understanding of the flavours. This will help me in finding that one perfect partner that brings out the best in my whisky. The Triple Gold Reserve by Black Dog came into the market a couple of months ago, I have been tasting and working with this brand of Scotch Whisky to find something unique, something which hasn’t become a cliché.

As every day of knowing this whisky passes, my fondness for it grows. I discover something new about it everyday and that makes me try a new tapa to bring out the taste. I have enjoyed the clichés like steak, lamb curry, kebabs and Scottish sausage with it. These hearty meals always do justice to the light, rounded flavours of the whisky.

I also realized that some shellfish masks the light aromas in the whisky. Slowly I’m getting to the bottom of it. Richness and sweetness I realized were complimenting the whisky very well. Also, light tart flavours like that in yogurt or in pears also complimented the Black Dog TGR. Dried fruits and sweet spices like a light scent of cinnamon made the whisky as delicious as dessert. In fact vanilla ice cream tasted great with warm whisky but I thought that the chilled ice cream makes the palate numb, masking a lot of the whisky flavours.

My most convincing find till now is apples, pear, strawberry, dried apricots, honey as well as a cheese board with Gruyere, emmenthal that bring out sweetness with their nutty flavour, stilton blue cheese with sharp contrasting flavour and brie for its richness and texture. All of these cheeses, and the idea of serving a great cheese board with Swiss and English cheeses like Red Leceister were very appealing.

I’m still searching for that one cheese stick with the perfect fruit and cheese pairing to go with my Black Dog TGR, but for now I’m just going to make do with a fancy cheese board, some almonds and salted cashews for richness along with some cut up apple and raisins.

Even as I write I have a fresh idea for the perfect tapa to go with the whisky, maple coated fried bacon, apple and may be boiled eggs. Drinking every day just keeps getting better and better. The cheese and fruit sticks are perfect for an elite party when you’re serving this Black Dog TGR.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is meant only for reader above 25 years of age.



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