In Pursuit of Whisky Perfection: Let’s Drink to Dreams That Came True


Real success, I believe comes from brave choices. The choice we make when we start a small business just out of business school, when we decide to shake off job security for something we really love and believe in. I believe in dreams, and that they come true if you give your all.


Not my parents, but there were always other “well-wishers” telling me that my dream was unreasonable. The first person who opposed my dream was my school headmaster, he said that hotels weren’t a place for girls and continuing with science would really make my future, after that it was my college principal and HOD who insisted I train with Taj and not Marriott, then it was my ITC Kitchens-Senior instructor, my biggest idol who disagreed with me when I said I wanted to work for food television, he said, “there’s no such thing”.


I knew it wasn’t a silly dream, and I proved myself when I worked for a number of successful food television shows in India. When you do what you really love to do, with every passing day the work becomes better and better. Even today when I experiment with food it gives me a sense of satisfaction. It doesn’t matter whether or not the experiment was successful; it never fails to make me happy.


There was another man who believed in a dream, his dream to find the worlds finest blended Scotch whisky. Sir Walter Millard travelled through Scotland, and did not give up until his search ended in the find of the Black Dog blended Scotch whisky in the late 1800s. A blended Scotch from the Mackinlay family that we savor even 130 years after its invention. Honoring the spirit of Sir Walter Millard, Black Dog continued bettering the finest blended Scotch whisky and has recently launched its Triple Gold Reserve.


In admiration of their pursuit of making the finest blended Scotch whisky, I have attached a little dream of my own to it. It is fun way to play with flavours and find the perfect food that compliments the taste of this whisky. I make some munchies every now and then; snacks that I think will go well with the whisky. It has so many dimensions, each day my palate understands the flavours of the whisky more and more, and so my understanding of what will compliment it becomes better every day.


I have had my glass of Black Dog with mixed nuts, then salt & vinegar chips, nachos with yogurt dip, and even a tomato and shrimp salad. They all went well with the whisky. (It can be one of two things, either the whisky has many dimensions or I just cook extremely well!) But my search for the best marriage is still on.


Whether I will succeed in finding the perfect match that goes with Black Dog TGR or not I do not know, but no one can take away the fun I’m having in this journey. Like all other dreams big and small this quest brings me pockets of excitement and thrill. Each day that I try a new variety of food with the whisky I feel that the combination tastes even better than yesterday. It is probably the better matching making with the whisky that makes the experience of each undertone grow and makes you discover the hints and details that you did not know. And the experience of drinking whisky improves with every passing day.

I’m so glad that I never cared about what other people thought the formula for success was. What I do brings a smile to my face. Little treasure hunts like this one make everyday of working, drinking and eating worth it. And wouldn’t you agree that a life so full of excitement is worth those brave choices?


Disclaimer: The content in this article in meant only for readers who are 25 years of age and above.


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