Music on the Rooftop, A Starry night & a Bottle of Scotch Whisky with Strangers


It was just one of those days when you don’t feel like lifting a finger. IPL was on and summer was on its peak. There was no way I was getting out of the house. My couch, a bag of chips and the air conditioner, were keeping me very comfortable in my room. Come evening and another match was just about to begin when suddenly the electricity in my neighbourhood went out.

It was a great opportunity for me to step out and get some fresh air, but honestly, I was too lazy to do any of that. The evening air was pleasant, and instead I decided to have a drink on the building terrace.

It was perfect; we were just sitting on the building roof and watching the stars twinkle. There were five of us, the busy girl with the new iphone who lives next door and a friend of hers, the guy whom I yelled at because he plays drums so loudly on our heads all day and Lucky, the Sardar guy who owns the Chinese restaurant downstairs.

We all just randomly bumped into one another as we were going up to the roof. Lucky was carrying his bottle of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, it had just come into the market and Lucky had got a stock for his restaurant. His philosophy is, why sell something you don’t believe in? So he tastes and tests every single bottle of whisky he sells. He is a Scotch whisky guy, and I am a whisky girl. He poured me a drink, it was a lovely night and I just couldn’t say no.

The guy with the drums, Akeel joined in, and started humming a beautiful Kailash Kher song. Lucky and I went and sat next to him, Lucky poured him a drink as well. Iphone girl and her friend were drawn in. We didn’t care to introduce ourselves or talk; we just enjoyed our drink, gazed at the stars and listened to Akeel sing.

The whisky was like golden honey, smooth and delicious. Lucky ordered some roasted cashews and chicken lollypops from his restaurant. They delivered it to us on the rooftop, along with another bottle of the Black Gold Triple Reserve Scotch. The rich nuttiness of the salted cashew was really rounding up the flavour of the whisky, contrasting it beautifully, so every single note of the whisky spoke.

Some moments in life are so spontaneous and yet complete. Their faces weren’t familiar until that evening, we weren’t expecting that soulful, live music and we certainly didn’t think that we will make this whisky our own, but it all just fits sometimes. It was all in the flow of that moment, the delicious whisky, the starry sky; they made us their own.

We always want to relive that one evening. Lucky wanted to relive it so much that he actually went and turned off the main power switch of our building one night. My grandma yelled at him for disrupting her TV time, and he had to turn it back on.

We still go to the roof, from time to time, electricity or no electricity; it is like our weekend ritual now. Even though the city lights make the stars look dim at times, and sometimes it is the real Kailash Kher singing on Abha’s (the iphone girl) iphone instead of Akeel, we just go to the roof to enjoy that bottle of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve together. Celebrating the relief in those moments and celebrating life. We call it our Black Dog ritual, cause it may be a different day, a different song but it is always the same rooftop and the same bottle of Scotch whisky that we all love and share.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is meant only for readers above the age of 25 years.


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