Scotch Whisky Pairing for a Weekend Treat; What to Eat with Whisky?

I have been enjoying the great taste of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve for a couple of days now, by myself or with dad on weekdays and with friends on weekends.


The great thing is that when you get comfortable with a beverage, it is a lot like falling in love, the infatuation is over and it is time to re-invent, pour a little extra bit of yourself to cultivate the love. Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve has depth of character so the fondness grows, and allows you to explore and experiment with more each day.


On weekdays I usually don’t have enough time to cook or experiment with the food that I munch along with my Scotch. I usually enjoy a bowl of salted mixed nuts, occasionally chips with light yogurt dip or boiled eggs that enhance richness. Dried Fruits or apples, pears, peaches with whisky boost the light sweetness of Sherry in it.


The weekend experience is more extravagant, when I can really cook and experiment with the right kind of food to go with Scotch. My personal favourite is lamb kakori kebabs, lightly spiced, they enhance richness and woodiness in the whisky, and lamb goes really well with Scotch. Steak and whisky are always perfect together but I also enjoy cut up smoked sausages to enhace smoky flavours. Haggis, the traditional Scottish sausage goes very well with Black Dog TGR. Opting for smoked salmon helps in highlighting smokiness without dominating the taste of whisky.


Serve up some dried fruits, apples, almonds and walnuts along with honey crackers and a cheese board with subtly flavoured cheese like Brie or Emmenthal with that nuttiness, and you’ve got yourself a treat. This makes for the perfect dessert platter to be enjoyed on a weekend with a bottle of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve whisky.

Disclaimer: This content is only meant only for people above the age of 25 years.


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