To Find the Perfect Bottle of Scotch Whisky Every Evening


Picking that perfect bottle of whisky for that priceless drink every evening is not an easy task. The most important aspect of that drink is its delightful and impeccable taste, which will brighten up a dull evening or be the perfect companion to celebrate a perfect day.

When it comes to the taste of your glass of Scotch whisky there is no room for compromise. So, I picked a brand that has been a symbol of excellence for decades. I picked Black Dog, only because it was the first whisky I ever tasted. My dad offered me a sip when I was a curious teenager, I still remember that taste, and even today Black Dog whisky brings a sense of warmth and comfort to me.

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve has the same familiar warmth and comfort but an evolved, complex flavour with a smooth and delicate finish. I had good reason to make this my daily choice of beverage. It is a premium, luxury brand Scotch whisky so it doesn’t give you a hangover or a bad headache on a Monday morning. Even after a drink or two on a weeknight you feel fresh for a morning meeting.

Most importantly Black Dog TGR is an affordable whisky. It is a triple matured blended Scotch whisky with both grain and malt whiskies. The flavour is as good as any 12 YO Scotch whisky. It is reasonably priced at Rs1600 – Rs2500 (Varies as per state taxes applicable) so one can indulge guilt free. I treat myself to this luxury every evening. Relishing the amber, gold of sophistication and style.

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is a Premium, Luxury brand and a smooth beverage that can be enjoyed on weekdays as well as on weeknights, and it doesn’t pinch the pocket even if you enjoy a drink or two daily.

Disclaimer: This content is only meant only for people above the age of 25 years.


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