Like a Woman, Whisky Reveals Layers of Character & Beauty Each day

It is no wonder that people often compare great whisky to a woman. A great whisky, much like a woman is multi-faceted, with so many layers of beauty. Like a woman, everyday she unveils the depth of her character.


I really enjoy this Triple Gold Reserve by Black Dog because it is so much like me. It is full of complex and distinct flavours, you discover new aromas and flavours with every passing day. Yet, on the surface it is subtle, delicate, with a smooth finish and a faint sweetness in the background. Does it not sound like I am describing a woman? Well, that is the beauty of this Scotch whisky.


Everyday, small sips of this whisky make me realize the many dimensions in its flavour. First, the obvious smoothness from Bourbon and the soft flavour of Sherry in the background, then the subtle hint of woodiness, something like a light sweet spice. Like a hint of flavours from Christmas, warm but different.


Even at different temperatures the Black Dog TGR tastes different each day. When it is chilled or served with ice, the flavours are diluted and aromas are lost. The low temperature of the whisky masks the delicacy of its flavours. When it is served at room temperature, aromas can be experienced and the flavours are more pronounced in the whisky.


When it is poured into a warm glass the flavours and aromas become even more strong and easy to catch, but the whiff weakens very soon. Each day with this whisky is a new experience, because with different foods it tastes different. While desserts enhance some of its weak, sweet smelling flavours, foods with strong spices pronounce the complimentary flavours in the whisky.


Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is really for true whisky lovers because they can truly appreciate each of its dimensions and experience new styles of enjoying it everyday.

Disclaimer: This content is only meant only for people above the age of 25 years.


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