Solitude & Scotch Whisky: Those Precious Moments With Myself


“Solitude is the glory of being alone, the best companion and an honest friend.”


When the sun sets on a long, hard day, I like to sit by myself in the company of nature, the cool evening breeze and my glass of Scotch whisky. It is the best time to simply be. To just watch the golden rays pass through the amber in my glass, listen to some good music and simply enjoy the moment.


What makes it even more perfect is the harmony in every element that makes up those peaceful minutes. The Scotch whisky you sip should be one that is smooth and delicious.


Colour like the golden, softness of the setting sun, calming the nerves like the evening breeze, and bringing that peace and quiet with its exquisite taste, my choice of whisky these days is the recently launched Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. I really like to go for tasty whiskies when I am alone. It really gives me the time to appreciate its flavours.


Besides, call me selfish but on weekdays I save the exclusive stuff for myself. The time when you don’t binge drink, but enjoy that one, lasting perfect drink that pleases the palate. It also gives me a chance to test a drink that is good enough to share with my picky friends.


Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve has complex flavours coming from both, grain and malt whiskies, with a delicate finish that comes from maturation in Bourbon casks and then a third maturation in Sherry butts resulting in a smooth and refined whisky. The flavour borrowed from Sherry in the background goes really well with the flavours of the whisky without overpowering it. This makes Black Dog TGR the perfect Scotch whisky to unwind with.

Disclaimer: This content is only meant only for people above the age of 25 years.



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