What is a Truly Refined Whisky? Ask the woman that knows great taste.

Ava Gardner, a glamorous Hollywood actor once said that even if she died at 150, she would like to die with a cigarette in one hand and a glass of whisky in the other.


I have never understood why whisky is considered more of a manly drink when everything it represents is a lady’s attributes, elegance, beauty and grandeur. It is said that fine whisky, much like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. Well, men can appreciate both women and whisky but a truly great whisky is also equally, if not more appreciated by women of taste.


I’m a proud whisky girl, and when I tasted the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Premium Scotch Whisky it offended me to think that such elegant textures, body and its glistening gold bottle would only be enjoyed by men!


The true mark of refinement is when both men and women enjoy and admire the drink. The triple maturation process involved in making the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve develops a very advanced and complex flavour, not easily achieved in blended whiskies. The grain whiskies and malt whiskies are matured separately first in American bourbon casks. This helps them develop their individual flavours and also borrow distinct flavours from their separate cask maturation.


These whiskies full of strong flavours and characters are then blended to accuracy to form a rare and distinct blend, which is then again matured in Oloroso Sherry Butts which lends its properties and develops the whiskies character. The maturation then renders the blend smooth and the result the Triple Gold Reserve. The Black Dog TGR, like gold itself passes through a series of stages, each developing and intensifying its character. And what woman doesn’t like the intense yet subtle character of gold? It’s all for the love of whisky and a woman of great taste.

Disclaimer: This content is only meant only for people above the age of 25 years.


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