Laughter, Old Friends and the perfect bottle of Blended Scotch Whisky

“Friendship is like Whisky, the older, the better”


There’s something about the sound of a perfect whisky pouring into a glass, a guitar and bringing it all in tune with a bunch of old college mates. Humming old songs, trying to remember those forgotten tunes and laughing about those drunken nights. Those nights when you repeatedly told your friends, over and over again that you love them, and that you hate that *****(blank).


What is a memorable re-union without delicious whisky, somewhat familiar and yet a talking point because of its new and exquisite taste?


My granddad, dad and myself, we all have sworn by Black Dog Whisky over generations. It is our trusted Scotch whisky and you know you cannot go wrong with it. So I decided to pick up a new blend of Black dog whisky for my Scotch loving college mates, the newly launched Triple Gold Reserve by Black Dog.


We are all hospitality graduates who love and understand our whisky, so obviously this new Triple Gold Reserve became a talking point. At room temperature you can really tell the distinct and mellow flavours of the whisky. No chilling the glass, some thought it had undertones of a sweet spice while others sensed a fruity aroma. With a glass of smooth whisky and self-acclaimed connoisseurs, there’s a rainbow of interpretation of flavours, when it comes to a multi-faceted whisky like Triple Gold Reserve by Black Dog.


There is no doubt that we were a little buzzed, the night was starry and the glasses kept re-filling with laughter and memories. The smoky flavour of tandoori chicken enhanced the Bourbon feel of the whisky, while the contrast created by the spices really brought out the delicate flavours of the Triple Gold Reserve. It was truly the perfect choice for a group of friends that loves their whisky.

Disclaimer: This content is only meant only for people above the age of 25 years.


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