How to Light Coal for Barbecue? Cooking Tips for your Next Barbecue Venture

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You might have come across some of my Instagram and twitter posts about our Barbeque adventure last evening. I was sounding more excited about the coal than the food, and here’s why. We were testing my friends’ barbeque for the first time, the electric rod of the Barbeque went off and suddenly we had to switch to the Stone Age method, luckily we had the charcoal.

Usually I just prepare the meats and vegetables for the barbeque, and then cook! The live coal fire just appears magically in front of me. I never have to bother about lighting up the coal and then keeping it alive. I do fan it once in a while to control the heat, but that’s about it.

But last night was different, and I have new respect for my dad, friends and all the men who have lit up the barbeque coal over the years. Girls’ night has always been fun, but lighting up that coal made it fun-ner! We know how to cook, how difficult can it be to light coal? Turns out, pretty difficult. So here are some pointers on lighting up the coal for a barbeque from our learning last evening.

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