Greedy-licious Eating In & Eating Out for Less than Hundred Rupees; Budget Weekend

It is easy to find food for a hundred rupees in India. Just scout the roads, get right in the middle of the hustle bustle of the city. You will find everything from kebabs, biryanis, Baida Rolls (Egg Rolls), Pav Bhaji, Idlis & Dosas to Rasta Chinese, all in hundred bucks. Now, it is slowly getting tougher to find food for hundred bucks. This is an expensive time and quality of food for a hundred bucks is not always a surety, especially non-vegetarian food. Here are some recipes you can try with the hygiene standards maintained at home. There are also a few place in Mumbai and Pune that have built trust in terms of quality of food and its affordability. Having said that, it is better to choose wisely when buying in a tight budget, it is often smart to buy vegetarian or pay more and go for good quality non-veggie food. After all in try to cut cost you don’t want to fall sick, right?


Eating In for Under 100


Chicken Fried Rice = Boneless Chicken Cubes + chopped Spring Onion + Garlic + Ginger + undercooked Rice, kept in the freezer for 20 minutes #Foodmantra + Dried Prawns + salt + pepper + Herb Oil


‪#Under100 Dessert Ravioli = Flour + Water + grated Pumpkin + Cinnamon = filling Star Anise flavoured honey syrup for the sauce.


‪#Under100 Lemon Ravioli = Flour + water + Lemon Rind + Homemade Paneer + salt filling in Sage + Browned Butter Sauce


‪#Under100 Dum Aloo = Small Potatoes + Red Chili Paste + Ginger + Tejpatta + Jeera + Saunf + Badi Elaichi + Cloves + Hung Curd + Cinnamon + salt


‪#Under100 PavBhaji = Pav + potato + tomato + cauliflower + capsicum + peas + Red Chili + Pav Bhaji Masala + Garam Masala + 1/2 ‪#Onion 😀


‪#Under100 Chicken Masala = Chicken + garlic + ginger + Green Chili + Whole Garam Masala + Dried Coconut + coriander leaves +1 ‪#onion (Expensive Onion!) with rice


Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

‪#Under100 Gnocchi = potato + flour + salt. For Asian Pesto Sauce you need basil + garlic + cheese + cream + peanuts See process here for Gnocchi. ‪ …


‪#Under100 Stir Fried Noodles = Noodles + salt + green Garlic + mushrooms + Sponge Gourd + Broad Beans + Red Chili / Chili Paste + Terphal


‪#Under100 Meal, a delectable dish is Sarson Saag and Makki Roti or any saag that you can prepare with spinach, dill, bathua, onion & garlic greens at this time of the year. See recipe here, ‪ …


Sarson Ka Saag Makki Ki Roti

Sarson Ka Saag Makki Ki Roti

‪#Under100 Gatte Ki Sabzi = Gram Flour + Water + Turmeric + salt for making the gatta. Bay Leaf + Cumin + Chili + Curd + coriander powder + turmeric for ‪the #curry ‪ …


Many ‪#Rajasthani Dishes like papad ki sabzi, kadhi, gatte ki sabzi & dal can be made for ‪#Under100 meals.

Rajasthai Thali

Rajasthai Thali

Eating Out for Under 100


Other ‪#under100 meals Make-At-Home or at a thela at midnight ‪#BhurjiPav (I can literally picture myself sitting on the bonnet  of the car on an empty road at midnight having bhurjee pav) or even Pav Bhaji is my favourite!


‪#Under100 meals are available in ‪#Mumbai or ‪#Pune Irani Restaurants. My personal is favourite drool worthy, salivate like a dog ‪#KeemaPav Spicy food ki kasam!


‪#Under100 Meals at Aswad ‪in Dadar, Mumbai include Thalipeeth, Sabudana wadas, khichadi, Pithla-Bhakar for the ‪Marathi Food patron.


For the Love of Food you must go for ‪#Under100 Meals at Goodluck Cafe in ‪Pune. Try their Mutton ‪keema , Egg Biryani or Egg Curry with Rumali Roti. Lip smackingly, greedylicious food.


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