The Little Bright Blue Place called Jamjar Diner

Name: JamJar Diner, 7 Bungalows

Date of Visit: July 21st, 2013 (Dinner)

Location: A Little, bright blue building opposite Versova beach, 7 Bungalows

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It’s a cosy little bright blue place with books, boards games and music!

A 90s’ MJ song was playing loudly as we stepped inside the dimly lit Diner. As my younger sibling and I, along two friends, set foot on the dark wood floor, we could see the bar diagonally in front of us, along with a couple of high tables and bar stools. Alongside the door, we heard the chatter of a few young girls enjoying a drink with a plate heaped with some fried tit bits. Since my sister has a strange attachment to cushioned sofa seats, both of which were occupied, the waiter greeted us and led us upstairs. As we walked up the wooden stairs I browsed through the bookshelf and few picture frames that adorned the wall. They also have some board games to play as you enjoy a drink or grab a bite. When I saw the open terrace seating, it looked far more spacious and appealing than the inside, with the openness and a cool breeze. Let’s face it, a low sealing area with four or five tables placed close together is a bit claustrophobic, more so when you can see the airy atmosphere outside. There was no room for us on the terrace, so we were seated in the low sealing area and told we would be shifted once the tables are vacant, which did not happen. A pretty, dome shaped lamp lit up the table as we looked at the card sheet menu. It was rather hard to have a conversation with the music being so loud, even though it was mostly done to cover the noise with the low sealing.


Contemporary Cuisine with breakfast items like waffles and pancakes.

As I turned the card sheets of the menu on the clipboard, it was interesting to note that most of their selection would go wonderfully well with beer or a pitcher of sangria. ‘Let’s begin by ordering that shall we?’ Apart from that, the waffles and pancakes got my attention along with the flowerpot dessert, was it? Then there were pizzas, Mexican food, burgers and steak kind of entrées, as I said earlier beer related food. As we were still deciding what to pick, the group sitting on the next table seemed to have ordered for the same fried tit bits like we had seen someone gorge on earlier. They looked tempting, we couldn’t resist, so we leaned over and asked them what it was, and ‘Chicken Popkorn’ she said. Chicken popcorn it is, with cheesy garlic bread followed by a BBQ Chicken and smoked Gouda cheese pizza, JamJar Mac n Cheese and my Jamjar Jucy Lucy – Minced Beef Burger.


Comfort Food in a Comfy Place!

There was good reason behind everyone ordering the Chicken PopKorn, we knew it as soon as we saw that wooden plate heaped with the fried chicken. Those crunchy tit bits were full of flavour, crispy as heaven and go great with a pint. There was a strong unique flavour in the Popkorn, it wasn’t garlic, may be a herb mix or a proprietary sauce, the flavour was as addictive as bacon, though it was definitely not bacon. Few places pay as much attention to the flavour of a munchies like that with drinks, but this is what will bring me back to Jamjar for a couple of drinks. I think attention of appetisers is key in this place. A lot of people assume that cheese works like magic and nothing can go wrong.  Serving cheese while it is still warm, moist and bubbling under on a crisp piece of fresh garlic bread is an art. An art that kitchen staff here has excelled. It was a slow clap moment for me, as I closed my eyes and enjoyed that piece of bread.

The BBQ chicken pizza with smoked Gouda was very well made, crisp thin crust pizza, cheesy with fresh scallion greens on top. The quality of food, ingredients like the smoked Gouda was very good, which made for a good pizza. The cosy place, close friends, a hearty laugh and the delicious pizza all blended harmoniously into a wonderful meal.

May be my expectations were slightly high from the Jucy Lucy burger, considering, the description did say that it was stuffed with cheddar cheese and the name had the word JamJar in it. Although the burger had a large patty made of pink, minced beef, the cheese in the center was not oozing out like I had imagined. Neither was the bread adequately moistened and nor could I taste the mustard mayo in that burger. Besides, I had had a slow clap moment with the garlic bread earlier and the Chicken Popkorn and pizza were delicious, so in comparison I was slightly disappointed with the burger.

Mac n Cheese with arugula salad was creamy and subtle in taste. It added that plus I needed for holding faith that this place does justice to vegetarian diners as it does to non-vegetarians. I only tasted a little with the pizza hogging all of my attention, but what I tasted, I thoroughly enjoyed. Like always, I had eaten over my capacity, so there was no room for dessert. Actually between three non-veggie diners the chicken popkorn was pretty filling, so we hadn’t much room left for main course either.


Not very prompt, yet helpful!

Well, it is a casual dining restaurant, so the waiters aren’t so prompt in say, re filling water. But they took our orders in time and were helpful when asked for seconds or a refill. They were courteous and polite, and their service did not come in the way of a pleasant dinner and that’s what really matters.

Value For Money:

As on date, a dinner for four people with alcohol will cost you around 2k or less, which is a good deal. Given the location of this place, the general relaxed and easy atmosphere along with good food, the prices are affordable. The quality of food and service justifies the prices reasonably. JamJar Diner is good value for money.

That Thing About This Place:

They have books and board games just to unwind any day, even when you are alone or with friends. This is a casual, easy-going place to relax with a drink and couple of friends after a long day or even to just hop in for brunch on a lazy afternoon. The word we are looking for is comfy. Comfort food teamed in a cosy place. I will definitely visit again, just to chill with a beer during the rains.


Ambience: 3 Forks

Menu: 3 Forks

Food: 4 Forks

Service: 3 Forks

Value for Money: 3 Forks

That Thing About This Place: 4 Forks

Rating: 3 Forks


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