How to make Rose-Almond Gajak at Home in Minutes? This festive Season Cook For a Cause

Shop For Change Fair trade is an NGO that was founded in 2009 with a mission to harness the power of Indian markets to improve the livelihoods of poor farmers across India via trade, not aid.This year they are working with 6 farmer groups across India. They have a range of exclusive products such as chocolate cashew, organic vanilla powder, Chamomile tea, various Herb blends,  wild forest honey ( check attachment for details) – all sourced directly from small farmer groups .

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How to make Rose-Almond Gajak ?


This is an aromatic crispy sweet made with almonds and poppy seeds, it is flavoured with rose petals and Mace from ShopForChange. The speciality is that it can be stored for many days at room temperature. So, you can make gajak weeks before the festive season begins. Traditionally gajak is made of sesame seeds.




Poppy Seeds (KhusKhus) 100grams

Almonds (Badam) 50 grams

Rose Petals, dried (gulab pankhudi) few petals

ShopForChange Mace (Javitri) 7 grams

Sugar 100 grams

Water 30 ml




1)    Wash the poppy seeds. Strain it through a muslin or absorbent cloth. Spread the poppy seeds out on the cloth and allow them to dry completely.

2)    In a pan, dry roast Poppy seeds until golden.

3)    Grind Almonds, rose petals and ShopForChange Mace together.

4)    Mix the almond mixture with poppy seeds.

5)    Heat the sugar and water together. Cook the sugar syrup till it is 3 string thick.

6)    Mix the warm sugar syrup with the almond gajak mix. Once the sugar syrup is mixed set it while warm. Do not waste any time or the mixture will set in the pan.

7)    Grease a flat, inch deep plate with ghee. Turn in the warm gajak mixture into the plate and flatten it from the top. Tap the plate from the bottom to even the mixture out.

8)    Refrigerate it and allow it to set for an hour. Then cut square shapes to serve.

9)    Garnish with silver varq and rose petals.




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  1. mayank says:

    How to make meva malai barfi

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