Factual Diary of Salt n Sex: A Meaty Combination (Tweets) @foodmantra

The Himalayan Pink Rock of Salt. A thing of beauty, art if you place it on the mantle and science if you use.
Rocks of Salt have been the source of wealth for Spanish families over centuries.
In many cultures, salt is associated with fertility.

– a fixation that is found irrational and subconsciously sexual. Ernst Jones, psychologist n a friend of Sigmund Freud. Interesting!

Obsession with , subconsciously sexual? A crazy Abyssinian custom presents a piece of rock salt to guests, who then licks it.

is often associated with fertility.Used in ReligousCeremonies n MagicalCharms across the world, which shows human tendency over local custom.

Ships carrying overrun by mice, made people believe for centuries that mice could reproduce without sex, simply by being in salt. funny!

Celibate Egyptian priests abstained from because it excited sexual desire. In some cultures the groom carried salt in his pocket to protect his fertility while in Germany, the bride’s shoe was sprinkled with salt.

It is believed, in Bihar,Nagin women ‘wives of Snake God’, sacred prostitutes periodically abstained from salt n sex, and went begging.Grin!

An 1157 Paris engraving titled Women Salting Their Husbands demonstrated how to make you man more virile. Ahhahah..
he last line of the poem reads, “With this salting front and back, at last strong natures they will not lack”.Haha..Bring for our men.


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  1. Thank you. Do have a look at the articles as well.

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