Sale! Sale! Sale! Flat 50% for the Belly: Binge, Hog and Enjoy!

Name: China Gate
Location: Near Infinity Mall, Andheri West
Date of Visit: 13th February [Lunch]

You know that rush a woman gets when she sees a sale? It’s probably same as how a man would feel if India won the cricket match.  I loved the lunch buffet at China Gate. Actually, I wasn’t sure whether I enjoyed the eating more or paying that bill. Well, I should say I was pretty happy to pay the bill but I absolutely adored the eating part. Some Belly-filling and delectable food squeezed between work on a Monday is a delight. More so buffets are delightful because it is good value for your money, especially for big-eaters like me. A wide variety of good tasting food; this buffet did not compromise Quality for Quantity. For a woman, this meal would be like walking into a store with 70% sale.

It was a pre-valentine lunch on Monday afternoon, felt more romantic because it was unexpected and an adorable gesture by A. No, I didn’t pay that bill but I was still excited by how much food they fit in under 500 bucks per person with good service and good ambience. This Chinese fine-dining restaurant has an interesting wine list. The buffet included a complimentary glass of wine. We got our privacy and it was a quiet, pleasant lunch at China Gate. It was a quick yet extravagant meal. It was a buffet with Ala carte quality food.
The crispy vegetable starters and creamy corn cubes crispy on the outside were lip smacking. The vegetable thai curry was delicious and the pakchoy, tofu with corn and lightly seasoned greens gave a refreshing feel to the buffet.
The non-vegetarian buffet was extravagant with a wide selection seafood, poultry and red meat in all courses. The starters with crispy fried prawns, chicken and lemon grass fish were top quality and delicately flavored. The starters were followed by a juicy, moist and succulent mouthful of dumpling. There vegetarian, chicken as well as prawn steamed dumplings. 

The crab on the main course was delicious. I loved it. If you are a seafood lover, this is paradise. The quality of their seafood was commendable. It was fresh, juicy and flavorful. The flavors were subtle and complimented the freshness of the ingredients. You could smell, taste and see freshness in the food. The green of the vegetables, the juiciness of the meat and the flavors woo you. I have worked and eaten in 5 Star hotels, very few times the quality of the Ala Carte dishes are maintained in its buffet spread.

There were some interesting and unique items on the dessert buffet. Apart from Ice Cream, brownie and honey noodles there were crispy pancakes stuffed with date mixture. It is the little rectangular piece at bottom of the plate. The best part was that the desserts weren’t too sweet.
Why China Gate has a buffet with a difference? It gives a Ala Carte quality food even in its buffet spread.
Ambience: Good 7/ 10
Value For Money: Very Good 8/ 10
Menu: Very Good 8/ 10
Food: Very Good 8/ 10
Service: Good 7/ 10
That Thing About This Place: Very Good 8/ 10
Good Ambience + Very Good Value For Money + Very Good Menu + Very Good Food + Good Service + Very Good That Thing About This Place = Very Good
Rating = 8/ 10


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