Having Fun With The Girls At A Shady Bar! Juiciest Chicken in Mumbai

Name: On The Rocks
Location: Juhu
Date of Visit: 12th February, 2012 (Lunch Hour)

 The great part about hanging on a Sunday with your gang of girls is that there is no limit to the fun you can have. Don’t get me wrong! I am only calling this Multi-Cuisine Resto-Bar shady because it was dimly lit, nearly dingy and very cramped.
If the ‘men’ in our lives see this place, they may never let us girls eat here!

Anyway, it was just my bestie and I. Once in a while we like to explore the places that seem to be ‘forbidden’ for girls. I did see a family sitting there when I had entered but the place had groups of men seated at most of the tables. Ignoring that part and treating this meal as an adventure of sorts, Shreya and I ordered our pints of beer. At Rs 95/- a pint I have never seen this much ‘chakna’ with my beer. There was some salad with chaat masala, papad and chutney along with cheese lings served along with the beer as munchies! If I had known they would serve all that, I never would’ve have ordered a plate of French fries. Correction! I would called those Masala French fries.

We tried Indian. I trust Indian in new places! You can nearly always bank on Indian food.   A plate full of Tava mushrooms and Kolhapuri chicken along with rumalis and rotis was our pick. Both were spicy preparations although Kolhapuri chicken was nothing like it should be. It was a bright red with a thick gravy masala. Kolhapuri chicken is an onion and coconut based thin brown curry with pieces of chicken and lots of dried red chilli. Their cook has some real talent!

Although technically the Kolhapuri Chicken was not how it should be! The chicken was perfectly cooked. It is amazing how juicy and succulent yet moist it was. The texture of that chicken was so perfect, I have never had that melt in the mouth feeling with a piece of chicken without cheese! It really lingers on…
Ambience: Not Worth it 4/ 10
Value For Money: Good 7/ 10
Menu: Average 6/ 10
Food: Good 7/ 10
Service: Good 7/ 10
That Thing About This Place: Good 7/ 10
Not Worth It Ambience + Good Value For Money + Average Menu + Good Food + Good Service + Good That Thing About This Place = Average

Rating = 6/ 10


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