Get Me Through This Day! Chicken

It is only Tuesday! My boss is driving me crazy and I feel like punching my fist into a wall. I need some comfort food to get me through this day. For an awesome conclusion to a long day at work, I made this dish. I look forward to my dinner, sometimes it cheers me up and on other days it makes me sing!
Serves 2
Chicken Breasts 2
Mushroom, sliced 1 cup
Butter 2 tablespoons
Salt to taste
Pepper a pinch
Oregano 1 tspn.
Milk ¼ cup
Cheese Slice 1
Spring Onion Greens ¼ cup
Slice the chicken along the side parallel to the surface to open it out into a heart shape. Hammer the thick portions with a round spoon to thin them out.  Season with salt and pepper. Cook it slightly n both sides.
Saute the mushrooms and a little spring onion in butter with salt and oregano.  Stuff the cooked mushroom in the centre of the chicken.
Heat milk in a pan and add in a slice of cheese in it. Add spring onion greens.
Pour the sauce and serve with bread.
Enjoy comfort food on a weekday. Treat yourself!


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