How To Make Lump-Free White Sauce? A Smart Trick.

Let me tell you a little secret they told me in catering school. Don’t you hate it when you get a lumpy white sauce? It completely ruins the dish. Find the trick to do it right.
White Sauce
Milk 10 parts or 150ml/ 2/3rd cup
Bay Leaf 1 no.
Peppercorn 4
Cloves 2
Garlic 1 clove
Thyme (fresh) 1 sprig Optional
Butter 1 part or 15g/ 1 tablespoon
Refined Flour 1 part or 15g/ 1 tablespoon
Heat the milk in a pan with bay leaf, peppercorn, cloves, garlic and thyme.
Allow the milk to cook on medium heat for five minutes.
Let it stand on the side to cool. Then preferably chill the milk.
To make the white sauce
In a pan, melt butter.
Once the butter melts add in the flour and whisk thoroughly.
Allow the mixture to cook for two minutes on low heat until it looks fluffy and off-white.
Don’t let it brown.
Strain out the spices from the milk.
THE TRICK to a Lump-Free White Sauce:
This mixture and the milk should be extreme opposite temperature when you add it in.
If the mixture is hot, the milk should be chilled.
If the mixture has cooled off, the milk should be hot.
Then add in the milk little by little to the mixture, whisking thoroughly.
Keep the pan on medium heat, this gives you more time to whisk and avoid lumps as you add the milk little by little.
It is very unlikely to form lumps in the white sauce, if you follow the rules.
If you want to be double sure or you still have a few lumps. You strain the sauce and get the smooth texture.
For that extra sheen, add in a little butter in the white sauce for that X factor.
You can store white sauce in the refrigerator for three to four days.

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