Have You Tried The Best Chhole Bhature in Pune City?

Name: Chatpattazz

Location: In front of Food Bazaar Baner, Next To Cantabil
Time of Visit: 12th September, 2011 [Lunch]

This is a tiny little place in Baner. It is a small shop converted to a food joint, with a couple of plastic tables and chairs placed in front of the small joint. With a humble setting, this place boasts delicious food.
Value For Money
I wish there was a word better than excellent in terms of value for money for Chatpattazz. It is delicious, dilli-style Panjabi chhole and two bhaturas for forty rupees as on date and Bedmi poori and Potato sabjee for thirty rupees as on date. Need I say more, it is a heavy, filling and a delicious meal at a reasonable price.
I have eaten dilli-style chhole bhature in fancy Punjabi restaurants in the city before, it costs me three times more than the dilli-style chhole bhature in chatpattazz.
The menu is limited. There are only three items on the menu. Chhole Bhature, Bedmi poori and aloo sabji and palak rice with chhole which the chatpattazz owner raves about.
The dilli-style chhole in chatpattazz is delicious with a capital D. It is spicy, a little tangy and yummy. It makes you want to lick the every little bit of that last morsel off your fingers. It is delicious. The bhature on the other hand, are flavoured with coriander greens and garlic mixture. The bhature are soft but are average is size and texture. The onion and pickled green chilli served as accompaniment compliment the chhole wonderfully.
The Bedmi poori is a large, grainy and crisp poori. The aloo sabji is delicious, it has a peculiar unique taste like no other aloo sabji, also very dilli-style in flavour. I loved the chhole but I liked the aloo sabji better, only because it is such a simple dish and yet such a pleasant surprise in terms of taste.
The Palak rice was highly recommended by chatpattaz, it is served with chhole. I tried out the palak rice, I did not like it. It tasted average. I did have high expectations after the recommendation and after having tasted the chhole bhature and aloo-bedmi poori. The palak rice was disappointing.
The staff members are very humble, polite and courteous. The service is quick and apt for a place located centrally close to many offices in Baner area.
That Thing About This Place
Really delicious dilli-style food, like no other Panjabi place in Pune, none of the chhole bhature I have tasted in this city can match up to Chatpattazz spicy Chhole Bhature. The menu items are few, but delicious. Available at very low prices, the office goers in this area can have a delicious and cheap meal everyday.
Ambience: 6.5/10 Average
Value for Money: 10/10 Excellent
Menu: 7/10 Good
Food: 9/10 Excellent
Service: 8.5/10 Very good
That Thing About This Place: 9/10 Excellent
Average Ambience + Excellent Value For Money + Good Menu + Excellent Food + Very Good Service + Excellent That Thing About This Place = Excellent
Rating= 8 on Ten

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