Desi Szechwan Fried Rice

Desi Szechwan Fried Rice ( Indian-Style Chinese Fried Rice) Serves 4


White Rice 1 ½ cup, washed
Vegetable Oil 2 tablespoons
Garlic 5 cloves, minced
Ginger ½ inch, minced
Spring Onion Bulbs (White part), minced ½ cup
French Beans, finely chopped ½ cup
Carrot, finely chopped ½ cup
Green Peas, shelled ½ cup (optional)
Cabbage, finely chopped ½ cup
Salt to taste
Szechwan Sauce 4 tablespoons (For Recipe See Cooking the ChaiNusssss… Desi Rasta Chinese)
For Garnish:
Spring Onion Greens, chopped 1 cup (Keep them aside in chilled water until used)

Wash and soak the rice for twenty minutes. In a pan, mix equal quantity of rice and water (that is 1 ½ cup). Add a pinch of salt and vinegar.
Boil the rice and cook it until it absorbs all the water. Keep it covered with a lid for five minutes.
Now, spread the rice out on a large plate lined with absorbent paper towel and allow it to dry out.
Place the place full of rice in the freezer for thirty minutes, while you finish the preparation for the fried rice.
In a large wok or a kadhai, add oil. Keep the wok on high heat. The oil should be very hot, add the garlic, ginger and mix. Add in the onion, allow it to turn translucent.
Add in the beans and the carrot cook it on high heat for a minute. Add in the peas and cabbage, mix them in, and keep the wok on high heat. Add in salt. Then add in the cooked rice. Mix well until every grain of the rice is at a high temperature.
Add in four tablespoons of Szechwan sauce (prepare Szechwan sauce as mentioned above).
Mix in the sauce with the fried rice. Turn off the heat.
Garnish with chopped spring onion greens and mix well.
Serve with a side dish.


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