Martini – Stirred, Not Shaken!

It is Thursday night. We are one step away from the Woohoo! Friday. Yet, it is the fourth working day and I need a drink. One Martini would be just perfect. One drink and still in time for work without a hangover on a Friday Morning. Perfect!
Martini is made with either Gin or Vodka. Classic Martini is made with Gin and Vermouth.
Red Vermouth is sweeter and White Vermouth is is less sweet.
Classic Martini

Ice Cubes    6
Gin   3 measures
Vermouth    1/2 measure
Lesser Vermouth will make the Martini Dry.
Olive     1 or three studded on a toothpick
Lemon Rind   1 thin strip
Put the Martini Glass in the freezer before you begin to prepare the Martini.
In a mixing glass, add in ice cubes.
Pour the gin and vermouth over the ice and stir vigorously (Don’t Shake).
Strain into the chilled Martini Glass.
Serve with Olive and Lemon Rind.
Other Martinis:
Vodka Martini : Replace the Gin with 3 measures of Vodka.
The Gibson: 4 measures of Gin or Vodka with 1 measure of Dry Vermouth. Garnish with a Pickled Onion.
Martinez Cocktail: 1 measure Gin and 2 measures Sweet vermouth with a dash of Angostura Bitters and two dashes of Maraschino Cherries.
Dirty Martini: Just add some Olive Brine from the Jar into the Martini for that Dirty Martini.
Smoky Martini: Gin with Scotch Whisky. 

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