Time for Disaster Management for the African Chicken Recipe..

DO NOT cook the chicken at 450 F or 232 degree Celsius for 1 hour. It WILL BURN. I suggest, cook a chicken joint for 30 minutes at 232 degree C and then you can grill it for five minutes to get that crisp, brown coating on top.

If you are using boneless chicken then cook it for 20 minutes at 232 degree C and then grill it for 5 minutes. You can also cook the chicken on a flat pan for 7 minutes on either side, on a low flame with a little oil.

If fresh pepper/ fresh red chilli is unavailable you can use half teaspoon of chilli paste.

If Plantain Banana (cooking Banana) is unavailable, then you can use regular raw banana in its place and repeat the same process as mentioned in the recipe.

Use Tomato puree to make the tomato soup, if the canned tomato sauce is unavailable.

For the Recipe of African Style chicken, go to Have you ever been in love? in the recipes section.


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